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Analysis of color sorter industry future trends

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Color Sorter experienced by single to double pale complexion election election by the CMOS sensor to the CCD, the development process from analogue to digital technology has matured , but the color sorting technology is not stagnant , but to develop more quickly . In the coming years , digital color sorter mainly in two directions . First, large output color sorters , to further improve the cost-effective ; Second, the grains, dehydrated vegetables , chemicals , ores and other areas of development , the system modular configuration .

In order to meet these development goals, color sorter industry based on innovation , will be gradually achieved the following significant technological breakthrough :

① the application of new light sources ; ② better dynamic performance spray valve to increase production, reduce carryover to adapt color selection more food products ; ③ new CCD integrated applications to further enhance the net rate of finished products selected to meet the demand for more color sorting grains ; ④ high-speed VLSI microprocessor applications to embed more recognition algorithm to improve system application of the hybrid light source ⑤ ; practicality.
Color Sorter though born in a foreign country , but because of the courage to explore our national enterprise , innovation , breaking the monopoly of foreign markets , accelerate the industrialization process of China's food processing industry. Currently, color sorting machine industry in China has become a mature industry. With color sorter manufacturers continue to healthy competition , our color sorter technology perfecting the take off together with the world .

Social benefits:
( 1 ) Excluding Harmonia mixed grain cereals in food , improving the quality of grains and protect people's health .
( 2 ) grains mostly unprocessed export value-added products improve cereals , grains industry to promote the development , improve the export volume of grains, is also conducive to China's agricultural restructuring and rural incomes .
( 3 ) active and innovative processing technology of grains , cereals develop deep processing of high-tech equipment , developed with independent intellectual property rights , the national brand of optical and electrical integration of high-tech products , the formation of optical and electrical integration of high-tech industries , and promote the simultaneous development of related industries ;
( 4 ) reduce imports and save foreign exchange, while actively export . At present, China mainly relies on grains color sorter foreign imports. With CSG grains color sorter continuously improve the level of development and production , the annual savings to the state will be reduced and a lot of foreign exchange . In addition , more importantly, we CSG mastered the technology to facilitate the majority of users , so that more processing enterprises and must pick up grains sorting machine . Meanwhile CSG will increase international market development efforts , earn more foreign exchange for the country .

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