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FAQ about the color sorter machine debugging

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① say what high color and effect ?
A: The election broke rate ﹑ ﹑ smaller the number the higher the accuracy.
② What is low gray and effect ?
A: The larger the number, choose black ﹑ more precision to .
③ What is the color spots and effect?
A: The larger the number, choose the smaller yellow broken valve accuracy . ..
④ high saturation and what effect?
A: The election of yellow rust colors. The smaller the number the higher the accuracy.
⑤ What is the single stain and effect?
A: The higher the number , the lower black elected accuracy .
⑥ What is the delay time and the effect ?
A: The delay effect is to blow out the waste items right time while not come good material , the effect is just blowing waste, when the delay is not correct, blowing out material costs too much good material in there , the whole . color sorting machine not clean .
⑦ cleaning time, and what role ?
A: The first time cleaning needs , but also the machine to resend the data , allowing better color sorting machine .
⑧ interval and what role ?
A: The first time interval is cleared to time between the second cleaning , the shorter the time . The cleaner the glass , the more downtime .
⑨ valve opening time and what role ?
A: is the time required by the blow of a bad material , the role of larger the number, the more blown clean out the greater the number is too small , not blowing clean.
⑩ What is the role model and valves ?
A: refers to the need to blow a few peanut valve to blow out , the role of the larger the number , the election of the more clean. Figure is too small, then blow it out.
⑾ valve to maintain and what role ?
A: refers to the excessive number of bad material , in accordance with the maintenance time blowing multiple materials , function, the larger the number , the better the election . When the number is too large, it will cause too much material in the bottom corner , when the number is too low , then the finished color selection is not clean .
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