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CSG passed the ISO9000 certification for machine

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Warmly congratulate CSG passed the ISO9000 certification examination and obtain a certificate.
March 28 to 29, 2011. CSG accept China Quality Certification Center of our company color sorter product quality management system certification audit.

  The audit was held first, the last meeting, conference participation by the audit team members, management companies, mid-level and internal auditors. The audit process accompanied by the internal auditor. Through an audit, the audit party for the efforts I made ​​in the operation of the quality system to give a positive response, the presence of our company in the process of quality management system operation problems and suggestions for improvement, and awarded the company certification.

  Through this audit, the company requires all employees to seriously study the quality management system documentation, in accordance with the requirements of the quality system to do all the work, to ensure the effective operation of the system.

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