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Xi Jinping visited the Kimberley farm of USA

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February 16 , Xi visited Iowa in the United States Kimberley farm. This is Xi Jinping , accompanied by farmers operating under the Kimberley

According to Xinhua News Agency, local time on February 16 , Vice President Xi Jinping visiting the United States in Iowa , attended the Sino-US high-level seminar agriculture . Xi Jinping said in his speech to deepen China-US agricultural exchanges and cooperation in the new historical starting point , to create a fair and reasonable market environment.

China into the United States and the first export market for agricultural products

Xi Jinping said Hunger breeds . Agriculture is the survival and development of human society on the basis of industry, to promote international cooperation in agriculture and food from a strategic perspective , the countries for the promotion of mutual benefit and common development with significant and far-reaching significance. Agriculture is an important area of ​​development of Sino-US relations , deepen China-US cooperation, China has become the largest export market for U.S. agricultural products .

Xi pointed out that in the current situation , to enhance mutually beneficial cooperation between the agricultural sector to a new level , not only help to ensure the smooth operation of their domestic economy , but also help support the world economy to speed up recovery. China and the U.S. Department of Agriculture signed the "Sino-US cooperation in agricultural strategy planning ," clearly the goal of deepening cooperation , identified priority areas of cooperation.

Contribute to world food security

Xi Jinping said that China has always attached great importance to national food security , the development of agriculture for the benefit of rural , rich farmers , stable solution to the problem of feeding 1.3 billion people as a top priority of the country and bringing peace event . At present, China 's food stocks sufficient , adequate market supply , effectively stabilize the domestic grain market prices , but also to safeguard world food security to make a significant contribution.

Xi Jinping said that China actively carry out international exchanges and cooperation in agriculture, within the framework of South-South cooperation on agricultural assistance within its capacity in developing countries to improve the level of agricultural production and food production capacity of developing countries to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals played a positive role .


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