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CCTV reported CSG corn color sorter machine

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March 25 , two sets of CCTV Financial Channel , " Economic Information Network" reported " sales of corn mildew affected farmers reluctant to sell special " buy corn color sorter , so grain storage extension market , the acquisition of problem solving corn .

Impact due to the high temperatures and more rain early New Year 's Heilongjiang region , the prevalence of corn mildew phenomenon , some counties corn mildew rate of over 30% ( in accordance with relevant state regulations mildew shall not exceed 5% of corn in storage ) , by affect the quality of the slow progress of the corn market , a single channel Sicheng corn unmarketable , corn price is too low, the enthusiasm of farmers to sell fall .

To make corn sales increase and improve the acquisition of corn grain broker enthusiasm, increase the " corn " sales channels, Suihua City , Heilongjiang Qinggang County , Food Authority purchased the CSG corn grain color sorter . Our corn color sorter using the international high-frequency electromagnetic valve imported , stable performance, long life, and the use of the most advanced CCD intelligent image recognition system for corn mildew, sprouting , vermin and other characteristics, special design the shape and color algorithms, accurate identification of defective materials , adjustable special component design, compatible with different sizes of feed maize varieties to improve the scope of the machine ; special chute to ensure uniformity of the flow of materials designed to achieve optimal image acquisition and excluding the effect of defective materials . Basically removed the moldy corn , sprouting , vermin and other defective products , to ensure the purity of corn .

CSG expanded corn color sorter excessive "corn " in sales, improved maize grain broker acquisitions enthusiasm to solve the problem of sluggish sales of corn farmers . After now have color sorters , grain received twice the amount of grain before the Spring Festival !

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