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Three layers tea color sorter shocked the market

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Seventh Cross-Strait Tea Expo , jointly organized by the Fujian Provincial People's Government , the Ministry of Agriculture , State Council Taiwan Affairs Office and other 19 national ministries on November 16 -18 days held in Wuyishan City , Fujian Capgemini yancha city . CSG tea color sorter IPO through the exhibition aroused strong concern industry .

CSG 's first three- tea color sorter sorting structure, so that customers can enjoy shaped the election, color sorting , grading a variety of programs at once , with " a machine, multi- effect ," the perfect color selection experience. The machine is equipped with LED lighting air cooling structure , increasing the stability and service life of the LED light source , saving cost ; solve complex problems sorting materials , while reducing the impact on the operator selected color effect on the technical level , which will help machine performance into full play ; machine designed to take into account the kind of big-leaf tea into and out of the machine feed problems limit production , significantly increasing the yield of selected types of tea leaves .

The exhibition , CSG tea color sorter site to demonstrate the effect of a good color selection , and a number of Wuyishan tea enterprises around the periphery of the show come here and experience the real test machine color selection effect. Through live demonstrations and the same material for different products compared to color selection , tea prices are customers of the product expressed high praise. This is not only proven CSG innovative R & D capabilities , but also marks the CSG once again opened a new era of revolutionary color selection

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