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Congratulate CSG become a shortlist of SINO-GRAIN

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congratulate CSG become a shortlist color sorter supplier of sinograin

March 2014, CSG with advanced intelligent color sorter equipment, timely and comprehensive after-sales service, and good market reputation in sinograin system tissue color sorter suppliers shortlisted tender, the company won the bid to become its designated suppliers one of the tender a total of more than 30 domestic and color sorter suppliers bid, the company successfully won the bid, is our strong R & D, production and sales of domestic and international market strength and affirmation.

sinograin Group as domestic food processing industry giants reserves for the huge demand for color sorter equipment. In the grain storage group color sorter suppliers shortlisted tender, CSG sorting machine and more than 20 domestic manufacturers and more than 10 internationally renowned color sorter manufacturing enterprises play together. Prices in the face of competition, technological superiority, etc., our company combines the actual needs of grain storage systems for color sorter equipment, come up with a cost-effective solution for color selection to get sinograin highly recognized and eventually my company successfully nominated the tender.

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