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CSG color sorting technology praised by government

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Tons of rice into the color sorter , yellowing, moldy rice will soon be removed off ; pot of fresh tea leaves into color sorter , stems, yellow leaves , green stems , etc. immediately precise tailoring, tea product phase rating may be raised ...... in the CSG plant , a color sorter station is showing the miraculous feat .

CSG is a core focus on optical recognition technology and product research and development of high-tech enterprises. In the 1990s, the domestic color sorter has been monopolized by foreign companies ; while after 2005 , the foreign color sorter gradually withdraw from the Chinese market , the current share of less than 5% , of which , CSG 's contribution to none.

" In support of the national industrial policy and support , CSG adhere to independent innovation and overcome technical bottlenecks , which we dare to challenge the foreign big business capital ." HOU manager , said the company through the introduction , digestion , absorption and development , has now mastered the key areas of core technology photodetector ; company 's development goals from the beginning to build its own brand of color sorters to quickly import substitution, and now is expanding the industrial chain , develop new products , and actively explore the global market , the products have been exported to Europe and America more than 30 countries and regions.

According to the introduction , by the letter of provinces to benefit from support , technology, and other departments of development and reform , CSG undertake a number of important national projects photoelectric plan, major equipment items of equipment , etc., through the constant application of new and advanced technology , photoelectric detection enterprises and grading equipment technological level and competitiveness of our markets , optimize the industrial structure, improve the industrial system, and led to a substantial drop in prices.

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