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Analysis of global market for rice color sorter

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According to " Food and food industry ," the statistical data, in 2010 the global demand for sorting machine for about 27,600 standard units , an increase of 13 percent over the previous year , the demand for which , in Europe , North America , Japan, Korea and other developed economic regions replacement demand more for the stock . On the domestic stock market, color sorters mechanical and physical life of about eight years , the economic cycle than about 3 years , from the industry point of view, the average replacement cycle of about five years , 2006 -2010 large domestic beige sales sorter 47300 standard sets in about the next three years at an average annual replacement demand 8000-10000 standard units ( combined sales of the previous three years ) or so. Overall, the future demand is relatively stable large beige sorter .

Domestic rice processing enterprises scale trends are becoming apparent. Rice color sorter throughout urban and rural areas , small scattered pattern is relatively common in the country , with the rising minimum purchase price of rice , rice excess processing capacity , as well as a large number of low-priced imports of rice repression, the country has been showing strong meters weak situation of rice , rice integrated processing industry has been sustained, large-scale rice processing enterprises production from 15 million tons in 2000 increased to 82.44 million tons in 2010 , an average annual increase of 18.6% , above-scale enterprises especially in recent years, growth of more than 30% concentration of production further enhance the degree of the corresponding demand for high -channel color sorters there will be much improvement.

Company for the changes in the market situation , CSG actively adjust the product structure , the proportion of sales in 2013 and more than 320 company -channel color sorters about 30% , to 2011 after accounting for the rapid increase to 70 %, the future of color sorters high channel , the demand for the product is relatively strong reliability stronger pattern of CSG is a good thing

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