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CSG push to the declare work of 2014 appraisal

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To enable our customers to get more benefits, enjoy state subsidies of agricultural products should be shared, 2014 Division I active organization "CSG" grains color sorter to promote identification of reporting.

The declaration of products for the four groups crawler color sorter, mainly for sorting legumes (such as beans, red beans, kidney beans, beans, etc.), watermelon seed, peanuts, peanut and other fields. The main features of this product: full-color, full computer operation, full LED, has shaped selected function, high precision color selection, small material damage, but also brought out a small ratio.

Currently, the company declared CSG Grain Color Sorter products have been identified by agricultural products. Company will be in May 2014 to declare the country to support the promotion of agricultural machinery products catalog, and strive in 2014 to buy the majority of customers "CSG" grains color sorter is a surprise!

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