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CSG plastic color sorter recycling process

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CSG color sorter can be used for PET bottle chip color selection .

At the bottom of each water bottle has a recyclable pattern to indicate the material of the bottle . Such a large number of bottles being recycled . Here we talk about how to become a German mineral water bottles , " China sweater ."

Flow over 800 10,000 PET bottle ( mineral water bottle waste ) per annum on the German market. Garbage collection company take away these bottles , pressed into a group or crushed into pieces , then relatively speaking fairly high price to sell to China . Calculated in accordance with the relevant parties , can hold 16 liters beverage bottles can be made into a sweater. Review of 1993 years ago, all plastic bottles went into the trash , a small part of the recycling. Since four years ago to implement a charge tank fees, supermarkets must be recycled bottles , PET bottles embarked on a journey of thousands of miles : China went into synthetic duffle sweater , and then returned to Germany , clothes Jinrong return. Chinese textile industry has a huge demand for plastics . Although traders will reclaim business plus the price of a yard in Germany, imported or cheaper than their own production of this raw material . Low freight shipped from Hamburg , Hong Kong , the reason is that the freighter transported from the Chinese textile and remove , the ship has a lot of space . Low production costs in China because of cheap labor , and environmental and social standards imperfect . Factories in China , these PET material is classified according to color , cut into pieces and melt of the . After processing , PET bottles returned to Germany in the form of textiles sold in Germany. Here reflect value creation is enormous : a synthesis between duffel sweater Price 50-100 euros , while the materials used is equivalent to only 32 cents. Far hunger for old plastic is simply no end in sight . China has been unable to hand the materials to meet their needs. In this context , secondary raw materials such as PET worth double . Plastic bottles shipped to China to be used as raw material locally to use, it shows that in fact there is a world market for used materials. 10 years ago, was thrown into the garbage dump , " then we are a society of consumption and discard ." China Processing Germany resold This example illustrates the problem, " the development of the market indicates to all consumers : some junk did get a regeneration re-use . "

Crushing PET bottle scrap PET bottle flakes became often contain some impurities , such as : a small bottle fragments, transparent enough dark bottle flakes . These impurities affect the drawing process . Color sorter can remove most of these impurities .

CSG double-tracked color sorter using the effect of the introduction of improved PET bottle chip , and promote the development of this industry

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