Color Sorter Air System Running Three Steps

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 First, the color machine ready to boot.

    (1), remove the feed hopper and the rice and chaff on the channel.

    (2), the air compressor and other equipment to open.

    (3), confirm the power supply voltage is 220V ± 5%, the pressure is not less than 0.5Mpa, after the pressure regulator, the pressure in the 0.25Mpa or so.

    (4), check the sorting room glass is clean, the camera is covered with dust.

    (5), check and discharge the water in the filter.

    Second, the color machine boot steps.

    (1), press the green button on the machine, the color selection machine power to start running.

    (2), the color selection opportunity to automatically enter the last shutdown when saved mode.

    (3), the machine starts, the Swiss micro-color selection opportunities will automatically detect, about 1 minute or so color machine normal work.

    (4), standby preheat 5-20 minutes.

    (5), press the <Nozzle Start> button, this button turns red to indicate that the valve is working and press the feed start button. This button turns red and the color selection machine starts to work.

    Third, the color sorter machine shutdown steps.

    (1), press the feed stop button, then press the key to blue, the vibrator to stop feeding.

    (2), press the valve to close the key, then press the button into blue, the valve power supply is turned off.

    (3), press the shutdown key to display: Are you sure you want to turn off the system? Whether to press the button, display: shutdown, whether to save data? The machine will save the existing data automatically shut down, press the cancel does not save the data automatically shut down.

    (4), the machine clean, close the air compressor.

    (5), exhaust, drainage (see exhaust, drainage method).


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