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  CSG New Generation Color Sorter Press Conference
    COLOR SORTER GROUP's fourth-generation color sorter new press conference was held on March 9th, 2018. At the press conference, the CSG new product, the fourth-generation color sorter, was explained in detail; technological breakthroughs, technological innovations, and color sorters Create a new era, let the color sorting machine technology to a higher level!
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  Innovative artificial intelligence sorting machine
    Innovative AI artificial intelligence color sorting machine, COLOR SORTER GROUP using super brain technology and NIR sorting technology to help you get better sorting performance.
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  2018 Spring Festival holiday arrangements
    Spring Festival approaching 2018, It is also a year beginning no change, long search for a long way to go. Sincerely, CSG Thank you for your continued understanding.
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  15th anniversary celebration was held
    From 2003 to 2017, fifteen years of time are more grateful for the fruits of growth and harvest. On December 23, CSG15 anniversary celebration was held in Zhongke Optoelectronics Industrial Park. More than 500 people including AMD business leaders, smart forge leaders, supplier representatives and corporate employees attended the celebration and jointly witnessed this momentous occasion.
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  CSG color sorter exported to Bangladesh companies
    CSG color sorter exported to Bangladesh two companies
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  Color Sorter Group (CSG) held a new product launch
    Let color sorting technology innovation to the extreme, Color Sorter Group (CSG) held a new product launch
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